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Along forgotten canals …
Bruges’ lesser known treasures

The walk takes you along the man-made canals of Bruges, not along the river that runs through it, called the Reie.

These secondary canals are intimately linked to the history of the city.

Not a long or hard walk but one rich in stories and facts about a quiet part of Bruges which is not well known.

The walk starts at the railway station and proceeds to the Capucienereitje, crosses the largest town square called Zand, and continues to the Speelmansreitje.

From there it takes you to the Saint James church and the almshouse called Vette Vispoort, and to the Augustijnenrei and the Goudenhandrei.

The walk ends near the studio of Bruges’s most famous painter, Jan van Eyck.

The walk is ideal for exploring a quiet part off-the-beaten-path of Bruges with friends or family.

Of course we talk about the canals and the Middle Ages, but also about

  • the Great War,
  • the first trains,
  • the Capuchin order,
  • the guild of the musicians,
  • the Freemasons,
  • the first city wall
  • the murder of the Count of Flanders in 1127,
  • and much more ...

Along the route of about 2 km, you will visit interesting places, enjoy lovely views and discover notable tales about Bruges.

Duration: ± 2 hours
Price: 75,00 € per guide (≤ 25 persons per guide)
Only a few guides are available for this tour. Could you please book this tour in time?

This is the most obvious location to start this tour
Stationsplein 4, Brugge - voor de ingang van het infokantoor Toerisme / devant l'entrée de l'office du tourisme / in front of the tourism office / am Eingang des Verkehrsamts