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Rates 2019
We've got news for you!

Our prices remain unchanged: € 75,- for a two hours’ tour, with a maximum of 25 participants per guide.

Every extra hour started costs € 37,5.

For all-day-tours, the maximum day rate is € 225,0.


We're looking forward to welcoming you and your guests in Bruges!

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greatest tour guide I have ever hired
Mr Papa hired us during his stay in Bruges in the spring of 2018.

He thoroughly briefed us on beforehand on some specific items he wanted to visit.

Our guides like a challenge, and in mr Papa's case Norbert went all the way exceed his expectations.

And apparently with success...

Thank you, mr Papa, for sharing your feedback with us and our readers.

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New parking rules
As of February 16th 2017 new parking rules apply in the city of Bruges.

Check the website of the city of Bruges for more details.

And read in this document how you can reach our meeting room.

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"un grand merci"
The Guillou family sent us this message after their "World heritage walk":

Retour sur notre visite Bruges incontournable du 24/10/2016:

Nous tenons à vous exprimer notre satisfaction : notre guide était compétent, très agréable, très disponible et a su très bien s'adapter et à notre groupe et à notre demande particulière de visite axée sur les notions d'architecture ...

Donc, un grand merci à Mr Joris .....

Famille Guillou

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