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frequently asked questions
book a guided tour
the best way to make a reservation

Please use the booking form on the website. You can use the button on the page of the guided tour of your choice.

Alternatively, send an email or fax, or complete the contact form on the website.
This is what we will need to know:

  • What we want to know
  • your name
  • your address
  • your telephone number
  • Your mobile phone number of the person who will be in charge of the party
  • date and time of your visit
  • number of guests in your party
  • which language    
  • where do you want to start?
  • possibly, the place and time of where and when you would like to end the guided visit

State your special queries, e.g. you are expected in a restaurant at a certain time, you have planned a canal tour in Bruges, you are expected back in Antwerpen at five o'clock ....

Our dispatching services and the guide will take your wishes into consideration.

Your booking is valid only when you receive your official booking confirmation with a booking number. Bring the confirmation note along on your visit.

what is the ultimate date for booking?
Don't wait too long, book as soon as possible! Please book your guided visit a week in advance at the latest. Booking via the website is possible as late as two working days before the guided tour. If you book only one day in advance or on the day of the visit itself (in both cases restricted to working days): please call us, use a contact form or an email. The dispatching will do its best to find a suitable guide. In that case we cannot really guarantee anything, we will do our utmost best to appoint a guide speaking the desired language. Here the dispatching services might help you out.
how many guests are accepted on a guided tour?

We aspire to offer top quality guided tours.

  • There may be exceptions to all this: with more or fewer guests. Find out on the website page of each guided tour under i (i for information).
  • Even if you have a much larger party, we can help you out as we have plenty of experienced guides who can take you on  a walk at the same time. Languages such as Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian are no problem at all and the same goes for our most common guided tours.
  • Our booking form will automatically indicate the number of guides needed, according to the tour you’ve chosen and the number of guests mentioned.
  • Please note that the city council of Bruges has limited the maximum number of guests per guide to 25 for every walk in the city centre, unless you have a whisper set at your disposal. Such whisper sets are for rent at organizations such as Quietvox.
  • Biking tours are subject to traffic regulations; as a consequence, we can’t accept more than 13 participants per guide.
I am on my own. Can I book a guide?
Of course, you can because you are a VIP now!
where do we start?

This will depend largely on the type of guided tour and on your plans for that particular day.

On the website page of each guided tour, we state the starting point we have in mind.

BUT, there might be plenty of good reasons to meet at a different spot.

Inform our dispatching services about your wishes.

Here a number of places where tours start:

  •  Near the parking lot for tourist buses: the 'red awning' (rode luifel), also called Bargeplein or the Katelijneparking - with ATM and toilet facilities
  • The tourist information office in the hallway under the railway station (exit towards the centre of the town)
  • In and Uit, the main tourist information office, Concertgebouw, 't Zand 34
  • Courtyard of the cloth hall on the Markt (=market square), under the Belfry
  • Courtyard of the the Brugse Vrije on the Burg
  • Courtyard Historium, Markt
  • Museum visits: at the ticket office of the museum of your choice
  • A guide who joins you at your hotel in Bruges meets you at the reception desk
how long is a walk?

A walk is usually two hours. A museum visit about 90 minutes

On the website you find out more about the length of various walks.
For a number of reasons you can ask the guide to make the tour shorter. In that case, the price of the tour does not change.
While booking you can decide on a tour which lasts longer than the time mentioned on the website.

While walking you can ask the guide to make  the tour longer. The guide is then free to do this. If that is the case,  you pay the extra time cash to the guide - and ask for a certificate of receipt.
(cf next item: how much do we charge?)

how much do we charge?

Any tour starts and ends at the time agreed upon when booking.

The charge for a two-hour walk (or shorter) is normally € 75,00. On the website you find the exact price for each type of guided tour.

For each extra hour started the cost is of € 37,50 - this sum does not change if you ask the guide to finish the walk before the extra hour is over.

These rates apply for our tours starting from 01/01/2014 until 31/12/2017.

When you consider a meal during the tour, the guide should be invited as well. However, we won't charge for a 1 hour lunch time.

If you decide to stop for a refreshment on the tour it is customary to offer the guide a refreshment as well.

how do I pay?

When booking via the booking form on the website, you can pay beforehand by means of Paypal.

If you prefer to pay immediately before the start of the guided walk, you will pay cash and receive a certificate of receipt (payment in Euros, with the exact amount per guide, please).

Any tickets for visits to museums, churches, castles, mansions, exhibitions ... are to be paid cash by yourself.

When you have asked the guide on the spot to make the tour longer and you have received the consent of the guide, you pay him/her the required sum of money in cash and you receive a certificate of receipt.

can I get an invoice instead of a certificate of receipt?

On your explicit demand, prior to the guided tour, we can send you a billing invoice.

In that case we charge € 5 administration costs. Please tick the corresponding field in the booking form and do not forget to fill out your exact billing data.

We will then be sending you the billing invoice by email in the month following the walking tour.

You may want to pay by bank transfer prior to the guided tour and you may need an invoice for that purpose. In this case, let us know on the Queries on the booking form. Or you send us an email, mentioning your reservation number. We will send you the invoice via email asap. Finally send us via email a copy of your bank transfer, at least two working days before the walking tour, so we can inform your guide(s) that payment has been settled.

modify or cancel a guided tour
can I change or cancel a reservation?

Changing the number of guests:
If you ask us to diminish the number of guides, the cancellation policy of Hello Bruges will be applied for the number of guides who were scheduled to accompany the walk and who are now no longer needed.

When you expect there will be more guests in the party than first agreed upon and when Hello Bruges consequently needs to arrange extra guides, we consider the extra guide(s) as a new reservation. Please book two working days prior to the guided tour at the latest (cfr the item 'How long is a walk?').

Changing the time and place of the starting point of the walk:
There is no problem as long as you change time and/or place two working days before the walk at the latest. Do not forget to inform us.

If you change your mind about time and place (less than) two working days before the walk, our dispatchers and guides will do whatever they can to arrange things. This is no guarantee of success, however. If we cannot comply with your wishes we resort to the originally booked walk. If you cannot accept this, the cancellation policy will be applied.

how can I cancel my reservation?

Cancellation policy for assignments of maximum 1 day

  • Cancelling your booking at least 1 week prior to the walk: there will be no charge.
  • Cancelling your booking less than 1 week prior to the walk, but at least 2 working days prior to the walk: 50% of the total cost will be charged. In that case you receive an expense report of the sum, plus 5% extra charge for administration costs.
  • Cancelling your booking less than 2 working days prior to the walk: 100% of the total cost will be charged. In that case you receive an expense report of the agreed total cost, plus 5% extra charge for administration costs.

Cancellation policy for assignments of longer than 1 day

  • Cancelling your booking at least 1 month prior to the start of the assigment: there will be no charge.
  • Cancelling your booking less than 1 month prior to the start of the assigment, but at least 2 weeks prior to the walk: 50% of the total cost will be charged. In that case you receive an expense report of the sum, plus 5% extra charge for administration costs.
  • Cancelling your booking less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the assigment: 100% of the total cost will be charged. In that case you receive an expense report of the agreed total cost, plus 5% extra charge for administration costs

Please verify if you receive a confirmation of your cancellation within 2 working days. That way you are sure that your cancellation reached us and has been processed.

during the guided tour
we have arrived too soon, is that a problem?
Certainly not! As a rule the walk starts at the time agreed upon. Our guides are on the spot some ten minutes before that time. You might even start sooner than you had planned!
we are late at the starting point, is that a problem?
Not really. The guide will be waiting for you at the starting point for 60 more minutes. If you come later than the agreed time (s)he will walk with you until the end time as was first agreed upon. In that case the guide may shorten the tour or give less information - after having consulted you. If you still wish to have a longer walk you will need the consent of the guide and pay the extra hour(s) (cfr the items 'how long is a walk?' and 'how much do we charge?').
where is my guide?

Study your reservation sheet carefully. Are you sure you are at the exact location? The guide has a copy with the agreed place, time...

Our guides are wearing (at least) a Hello Bruges badge. Ask any Hello Bruges guide around the meeting point... They have a telephone number for emergencies.

During our office hours you can call us : Tel: +32 50 346 545

Out of our office hours, you can try at one of the Tourist offices or phone them and find out what happened: Visit Bruges +32 50 44 46 46.

A well known meeting point is the rode luifel (red awning), not far (appr. 200 metres) from the tourist coach parking. The place is also called Bargeplein or Katelijneparking. There is a meeting place for guides, an ATM and toilet facilities.

I'm having fun, I'd like this walk to last longer! Can this be arranged?

Do you consider to extend the tour during the walk?

Ask your guide, he/she can decide whether to accept your proposition or not.

An extended tour will result either in a longer route or a more thorough elucidation, which is up to you to decide.


If this results in a longer tour, the guide will charge you a supplementary fee in cash.

can I decide on a shorter tour, while walking?

No problem whatsoever.

Our guide will, according to your decision, either shorten the route and/or restrict the elucidation.


A shorter tour than agreed upon will not result in a lower fee however.

what about tips?
Gratuities for the guide(s) are entirely at your discretion - possibly as a form of thank-you for good services rendered.