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Who we are

Gidsenkring Brugge npo is proud to introduce Hello Bruges to the inhabitants as well as to the visitors of Bruges and its surroundings.
This is not about social media, virtual meetings or apps, but about real face-to-face contacts.
People who want to discover Bruges in all its aspects, people who are eager to meet Brugeans, people who want to experience the town inside-out.

Hello Bruges offers visitors a warm welcome.
According to their expectations and personal interests, they are offered a fascinating, unique and made-to-measure view of the town.
Hello Bruges presents a wide range of guided tours, in town as well as in its surroundings, reaching as far as the Port of Zeebrugge.


The logo reflects our position in present-day life.
The pin represents the guide who shows you around the town.
The B in the pin symbolizes the dynamic town; it shows the wavy pattern of the water and its reflection, a unique aspect of Bruges.


Our guides are full of enthousiasm, proud of their town.
They bear a warm heart to everyone, eager to share this feeling.
They are well qualified for the job, each in his/her own field, and ready to introduce Bruges to you.


When you happen to meet some of the Hello Bruges Guides in town, don’t hesitate to greet them and their guests as they certainly want to get to know you better.

On www.hellobruges.com you can find an overview of the guided tours in our programme.
There’s not only World Heritage in Bruges which takes you to the Beguinage, Saint-John’s Hospital, the Church of Our Lady, the Burg and the Market Square, but also tours such as 'The traders’ trail' or 'Bruges, quiet as can be'.
Give it a try with a surprising tour such as 'HER Way' I and II, a literary walk featuring Marguerite Yourcenar, Georges Rodenbach or Guido Gezelle.
The bon viveurs among you might prefer walks such as 'Hear, hear, beer!'


See you soon, in Bruges!